Children's game

This series of works was shot during the Covid pandemic in the spring and summer of 2020, in the Moscow region/Russia.

The model is my daughter Melania, who is 11 years old.

These photos tell the story of a girl who is in transition between a child and an adult girl. This is the hardest and most interesting stage in a person's life. Changes occur not only in the spiritual plane (thinking, behavior, communication), but also in the physical (body transformation). This is the period when a teenager is separated from the family, but not completely, he remains still connected with it, but the orbit of his movement becomes much larger than before. There is a "sense of adulthood" as a neoplasm of this age. A sense of maturity refers to a special form of consciousness is treated as an adult, the view of himself as an adult, the desire to be and seem to adults. Each photo represents a certain crisis phase from pronounced negativism to the absence of negative symptoms.


P.S. no matter how sad and terrible the situation with the pandemic is, for me personally, quarantine has become a unique opportunity to be with your child for 6 months every day, and watch her turn from a small child into an adult girl.