Russian Edition

"No memory, no tradition, no tradition, no culture, no culture, no upbringing, without upbringing no personality, no identity, no nation". /G. N. Volkov/

We live in an era of globalization, which is often identified with Americanization, which is associated with the increased influence of the United States in the world in the second half of the XX century.
In my opinion, this design is quite one-sided. Let's not forget that the main reasons for globalization are: the transition from an industrial society to an information society, to high technologies; the use of new communication technologies: the Internet, satellite television.

The Internet has no nationality, it has become what it is now, thanks to many scientists, or rather groups of scientists, from different countries: the USSR, the USA, and the UK.

Throughout history, new technologies created by humans have had a significant impact on culture. In fact, always in the early stages of innovation, their impact and effect were poorly understood.

Plato also raised the alarm about the dangers associated with the invention of writing and reading, and the invention of the printing press was once perceived as a threat to European culture, public order and morality.

My photo story tells about Slavic culture. This is a modest attempt to remind the modern Russian people of the traditions of our ancestors.